Artist Resources

FLASH Happening is coming. Dubuque’s first immersive art experience and we want you! Encouraging the mediums of installation, interactive, immersive, light, tech, murals, audio, video, street art, visual, 3-D, photo-ops, wheat pasting, paint, etc. as always ALL art forms are valid and here at FLASH Happening ALL art forms are wanted! This will be a pop-up exhibit running for a short period of time. Due to the nature of this being a FLASH pop-up what goes up must come down. The Artists will have the months prior to work on their pieces within the space and once the exhibit is done there will be time scheduled for the artist to take their pieces back out. This is a FLASH! So Artists, we want you! You are given four walls, a ceiling, a floor, and FREEDOM. Do as you please, create an experience! Push yourself, think as big or as little as possible. This is your place. The nature of this space allows for artists to either choose a room and exhibit solo or collaborate with other artists for a larger area. Please refer to our social media (@FLASHhappening) or the mood board below for ideas and inspiration for the space. For any question about being an artist or volunteer please message @FLASHhappening on Facebook or Instagram or email or fill out the form below.

Mood Board